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       or call us at 503-459-3230 to purchase items off the website. 
    If you have any questions, or would like more pictures, please don't            hesitate to contact us. 
The Best way though, is to come visit.

These are just some of the wonderful treasures
you will find here at 
Yesterday & Tomorrow


Untitled Nude
by Francisco Coelho
early 1960's Oil on Canvas

   The Tower of Babel
by David Sharir
ca. 1975
Pencil signed & numbered 33/120
by Graham Powell Pasha
Original, ca. 1987
   Splinter, Servant of Man
by James Steward
Etching, numbered, ca. 1973 limited
Frame size: 15 1/4" x 12 1/4"
Untitled Original
by S. C. Everett
ca. 1980's
   Rio - Original Watercolor
by Guilherme Secchin
size: 38 1/2"w x 30 1/2"t
  Red Haired Girl
by Jungk
size: 27"t x 25"w 
by Peter William Brown
Original oil on wood, ca. 1987
size: 9 1/2"t x 8"w
  1976 New England
Hand-tooled leather textured map
by Nista
size: 29"t x 23 5/8"w, 2" deep w/mountains 
   "Polly Ellen" by Sandra J. Anslow
Acrylic on wood
size: 48"t x 46"w
  Pictigram "$" by Todd Pierce
Enamel on steel, Lt. Ed. 2/3
size: 40"t x 40"w x 2"deep 
  Cityscape Collage by K. Manring
Original, Lacquer finish
size: 16 1/8"w x 12"t 
  Medea III by Robert Kushner
Litho, signed & numbered 16/18
size: 19 1/4"t x 14 1/2"w
  Forest Dwellers
by Yhrudka (we think)
Original Pencil/Watercolor, ca. 1968
  Limited print 18/40
by Seitaro Kuroda
pencil signed & numbered
size: 19 1/4w x 16 3/4t frame 
  1950's Kitchen Still Life 
by B. Mullis
Watercolor on Layered Crepe Paper
size: 28"w x 22 3/4"t 
   1957 Black & White Cubism
by Theresa Thorupson
Artist Proof
size: 19"t x 20 1/4"w
  Forever by Joseph Kinnebrew
Acrylic on Canvas, ca. 1993
size: 43 3/4"t x 43 3/4" w
  "A Party" by Bill Brewer
Acrylic on flattened Tin Can
size: 16 11/16"t x  19 5/16"w
  Don Quixote Hand Painted Tiles
Signed, Unknown Artist
ca. 1960's-70's
size: 23"t x 23"w
  Golden Peace Dove, unsigned
ca 1960's-70's
size: 24"t x 18 1/2"w 
  Face of Unknown Woman
Attributed to Dublin Artist
Mike O'Donnell, ca. 1967
size: 14 1/8"t x 18"w 
  Joy (#1) Linocut Collage, ca. 1955
by Markham, student of
Sister Mary Corita
  Joy (#2) Linocut Collage, ca. 1955
by Joan T. Keller, student of
Sister Mary Corita 
  Early Abstract Watercolor
by Ron Chaddock, ca. 1960's
size: 27 1/2"t x 20 1/4"w
  Artists Interpretation of the
Hopi Snake Dancers
textured gypsum woodboard
size: 36"t x 42"w 
   "Bitch" by Judith Gist
ca. 1972
size: 26 3/4"t x 20 13/16"w

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